Monday, October 09, 2006


Beware Popeye's Onion Ring Ripoff!

Last night I ordered onion rings with my fried chicken at the Popeye's Fried Chicken on Gilmer Road in Longview, Texas. The price was $2.69 for the only size of rings on the menu. When I got my order at the drive-thru window, I noticed the large box and was thinking this was going to be a delicious (unhealthy) supper. Sweety wanted a burger, so I stopped at the Whataburger up the street, and while waiting for it to be cooked, I opened up the box of rings, and much to my dismay this is what I found:

Well, I actually ate one so what you see is nine, count 'em, NINE, remaining rings. Does this seem reasonable? That means that an order of ten rings at $2.69 (plus 8.25% sales tax) works out to almost 29 cents per ring.

I actually went back to Popeye's and the young lady who handed me the rings was smoking on the sidewalk. I pulled up and she came over and I asked her if this was all the rings one gets for $2.69. She said, "Yes, sir. Ten. Sorry."

I agree, that's pretty sorry.

In some sort of wierd fairness, I must admit each 29 cent ring was very tasty, but needed salt.

I guess I've been in NY too long already. I was thinking, "Wow! Something... anything... costs less than $3?"
For comparison, this morning I stopped at Burger King after blood work at the doctor's office and got a sausage croisanwich and an order of mini-cinnamon rolls (for Sweety) for a little over $3. WAY more food for about the same price as ten rings.

I also can't contact Popeye corporate over the internet for some reason. I think they know I'm hot, so they shut down their email server!
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