Saturday, April 15, 2006


High/Low Protein

Well Sweety went to the nutritionist at UT Southwestern Medical School in Big D Monday. The object was to learn about a low protein diet as protein interferes with one of her Parkinson's meds. I was afraid that her diet and my South Beach Diet would be a real problem, because SBD is pretty protein intensive to help stave off hunger.

I think, though, that I can change portion sizes and both of us still can eat the same stuff. She will just get more veggies, less protein and some bread while I get no bread but more protein.

We made her some Chex Party Mix snacks without the nuts for her to snack on. I will get the nuts to snack on.

I'm looking for low protein recipes, if anybody has any.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Writing Time

Have got to write again, but haven't had much to write about lately. Still can't take Bubba for regular long walk, so we take several short ones every day.

Yesterday we (that would be Sweety and I, not Bubba and I) built a garden path and today I washed the Z.

The only interesting food thing lately was a shrimp spread that I made from Paula Deen's shrimp salad. I had about a cup and a half leftover from Friday, so I put it in the food processor and ground it up for a spread for Saturday's get together with Sue, Doug, Eve, and Steve. Sweety suggested I put some cream cheese in it for additional body. It was an excellent suggestion and the spread came out just right. Very tasty.

Breakfast was two eggs over medium, two sausage patties, and decaf coffee w/Splenda and ff half-and-half. Lunch was tuna salad on romaine with tomato and avacodo. Don't have supper planned yet, but it will involve some leftover grilled chicken.

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