Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Idoling Along

Haven't blogged this last week because I have not been particlarly good (eatingwise). But the good thing about the South Beach Diet is that it is easy to get back on track and not feel guilty.

We do have a complicating factor now, though. Sweety was told by her doctor that she needs a low protein diet. This is not too good for a SBD household. So now she gets bread and potatoes and salad while I get chicken and steak and salad. I can say that I really don't miss potatoes or bread anymore and I never was hooked on dessert. I do like regular, sugary cold drinks, but I've been off of them for 18 months and don't really miss them too much.

Got to get back to American Idol. Simon told Kelly Pickler she is a minx and now she thinks she's a highly valued member of the rodent family.

Yep, worried about the Bubster. He's starving and I'm stuffing.:)
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