Monday, February 06, 2006


The Title Says It All

Went to Lubbock to go to the old Spade ISD where we spent the formative years in our education profession. We spent Friday and Saturday night with our college friends, Judy and Paul. They are really very nice people and still a joy to hang with. We tried to stick to the South Beach plan, and were very succesful-no potatoes, very little bread or sugar, no beer, just white wine. Got in a good walk Saturday when we walked from J&P's house to the United spirit arena for the Red Raider stomping of Missouri.

Sunday, however was a different story for me. Exercise was ok due to walk from plane to car in parking lot. Wifey still did well, but we were supposed to have hotdog roast during the Super Bowl. One of the couples had colds, so we canceled until next weekend. Therefore, I ate WAY too much junk Sunday afternoon and evening. Beer, boneless chicken wings in batter (some of which had sugar in the sauce), and a bowl of onion soup.

Got back on track today with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and one piece of whole wheat toast with no-sugar-added jelly. Lunch was bag salad with chopped chicken strips and lite ceasar dressing. Supper was delicious boiled shrimp and broccoli slaw (intended for yesterday's canceled party). Got my exercise by teaching 7th grade math to the advanced students. Very nice kids.

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