Thursday, February 23, 2006


Shrimpboat Arrives

Blogging from our new laptop while watching Dancing with the Stars.

Had the boiled shrimp tonight with creamy coleslaw (made with Splenda and low-fat mayo). Very filling and delicious. Had lunch with Pawpaw at Buckners. Started with a very good salad of romaine with a sweet Vidalia Onion dressing. Entree was citrus (orange) baked chicken breast with squash caserole (too cold) and half a small, baked sweet potato. Dessert was sugar free cherry pie. I ate the filling but left the crust. Breakfast was scrambled eggs with bacon and a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese.

Took the Bubster for a walk this morning then played nine holes of pretty bad golf. I'll be glad when the grass starts to grow. This afternoon we went shopping at Academy for some foam for Sweety's bathroom project but wound up with a very heavy hammock stand. After wrestling that big, heavy box around, I set up the table saw to cut a board for the BR project. Cleaned up the garage then spent the next two hours working in the backyard on running low voltage lighting around the flower bed and on drilling drain holes in the edging around the flagstone patio so that there are no puddles. Then I changed clothes and went to the grocery store to get some ingredients for the lunch we are having with our real estate agent tomorrow. We are not buying or selling anything, just being friendly. Then I cooked supper and helped Sweety with a pasta salad for tomorrow. Finally got to eat. Boiled some eggs, finished making the shrimp salad for tomorrow, and cleaned up the kitchen. Got to sit down and watch Idol.

This has been a long day.

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