Saturday, February 25, 2006


No Where to Hide

We really need the rain that is falling this morning, but exercise is difficult. Maybe it will stop this afternoon so Bubba and I can take a walk. This is the new patio with puddles. Bubba's paws are not nearly as muddy these days.

We had a great omelet for breakfast today- ham, green onion. red bell pepper, and cheese. Also ww toast with sf jelly.

For lunch I took Sweety's left-over grilled chicken pasta with steamed veggies from Copeland's in Shreveport, added some green beans and the rest of the red bell pepper from breakfast, and another grilled chicken breast along with some butter, lemon juice from one lemon, heated it in a large skillet, and devoured it. Very tasty. Got rid of a bunch of left-overs too.

Yesterday, breakfast was the usual. Lunch and supper were the same because we had our real estate agent over for lunch of shrimp salad, pasta salad (whole wheat, of course), and baby spinach salad with sf poppy seed dressing. Sweety made cheese crackers as well as most of the salads. Very tasty. We had enough left over to have D and S over for supper as well. Finished with ff, sf cheesecake pudding.

Played golf yesterday morning. Got in 18 holes and was home b4 11:30.

Bubba hasn't gotten a walk since Thursday, so we'll go now, if the deluge is over. Not complaining about the rain, just saying.

Going to E and S's tonight for chicken enchiladas. We're taking guacamole and chips. Shut up.Posted by Picasa

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