Monday, February 20, 2006


Egg(plant) Rolls

I made those SBD eggplant rolls for lunch yesterday, and they were mighty tasty. The whole wheat couscous was especially good. (Note to H: The word "especially" looks wierd. Kind of like I'm trying to write with a Spanish accent. Like, I work at the eschool. Is it a good word? I can't seem to get the Blogspot spellcheck to work, so I can't check it. Does your spellcheck work OK?)

Sweety did not care for the eggplant, especially (there it is again) the eskin. (Oops, Spanish accent again.) I had to leave it on as it was the only thing holding the eggplant eslice together. The roasted tomato esauce on top was good, but I added some Italian eseasoning to it. There is feta cheese in the couscous as well as that esprinkled on top. (OK, it's irritating now.)

Had sauteed tilapia with left-over green beans and mock mashed potatoes for supper. Very tasty.

Also got up the courage to check my weight and still hanging at 218. Not bad.

Ate a lot of breakfast this morning, then took Bubster for a walk. Bridges on the golf course were very slick with ice. Schools were opening late today due to road conditions. Bubster had kicked into sled-dog mode and I sort of skated over the downhill side of the last bridge. This is how Winter Olympic events get started.

Having SBD greek salad for lunch and grilled chicken with sauteed veggies for supper. My day is planned.

UPDATE: Going to Casa Ole for Tex-mex tonight. Got a coupon for $5 off that expires at the end of the month.Posted by Picasa

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