Sunday, February 19, 2006


Code in Da Head

Very cold here in East Texas. No frozen precip, but would be plenty if we weren't in the middle a a severe drought. Took the Bubster on our walk yesterday and now I think I have a code in my head. Or allergies. Probably the latter.

Eating has been pretty OK. Feeling a little chunky today (therefore have not weighed), so after Sweety made a coffee cake to go with breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and decaf coffee with fat-free half-and-half (no one's told me how they do that), Splenda and sugar-free vanilla syrup, I think today we will go vegetarian at lunch and fish for supper. has a recipe for eggplant that looked very tasty and different that I will try for lunch. It is "Eggplant-Couscous Rolls with Roasted Tomato Sauce." The eggplant and tomatoes are roasted in the oven. Strips of eggplant are stuffed with couscous, rolled up, and topped with a sauce made from the roasted tomatoes.

We had supper at D and S's last night. Eve brought spinach salad with a delicious homemade lemon-olive oil dressing, we brought green beans with shallots and vermouth and SBD mock mashed potatoes (made with cauliflower), and Sue made a delicious stuffed, baked chicken breast dish. We had brunch at Buckner's with Pawpaw yesterday. I had eggs, bacon (real pork!), sausage patties (more real pork!), and last but not least, a biscuit (no whole wheat flour in sight) with gravy. OMG! How good (and BAD) was that.

Friday at school I did very well. The Student Council was apparently sucking up to the faculty and provided movie theater style"snacks" in the teachers' lounge. Nothing but bad carbs as far as the eye could see. Buckets of candy, pretzels, popcorn and a giant cake with about inch thick icing. I had no trouble eating my leftover half of a Jucy's cheeseburger, apple and diet rootbeer, and leaving all the "goodies" on the tables. I believe this is a conspiracy to fatten up the faculty for the slaughter. I'm not going there.

Got to go shopping for eggplant and fish. And Benadryl.

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