Thursday, February 16, 2006


All Work, No Play

Well, not enough play.

Been too busy to blog much this week. Have stuck to the SBD pretty well. Exception was Tuesday, Valentines Day, took Sweety to the new Asian restaurant, formerly a rib and fish place that didn't make a year in business. Turns out the new place is run by a former oriental guy who ran a Chinese buffet in town. It went out of business, so this must be his new place. Pretty much same old stuff with some bad Tex-mex food added to the buffet.

Wednesday did better with usual breakfast and very little for lunch because I was on the golf course. Had a chunck of cheese, part of a bad apple, and a little popcorn and a Diet A&W rootbeer. Supper was roasted chicken (from Albertson's), sauteed veggies, and salad.

Today was usual breakfast of eggs, oatmeal/walnut muffin, turkey bacon and coffee w/Splenda and fat free half-and-half. Lunch was grilled chicken ceasar salad w/ rootbeer and an apple. Had to gulp it down as I was subbing at HHS. Subbing tomorrow also.

Got the flower beds tilled (twice) and edging installed. With the subbing and gardening, I'm worn out. Bubster didn't get walked yesterday or today. Think we'll go now for the walk. I tricked him yesterday by taking him across the street to the fire hydrant where he peed and then came right back home. He seemed not to notice the subtrafuge.

Hope I can talk Sweety into eating out. I'm too pooped to cook.

UPDATE: Went to Jucy's for a cheeseburger and Burger King for fries for Sweety and onion rangs for me. Ate half the burger. Will have the other half for lunch at school tomorrow.

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