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Since I seem to have more time to comtemplate things these days, I'm going to follow my beautiful kid's example and write about what I eat. And how I move. This will help me undo too many years of pizza and beer.

I actually started in August, 2004. I weighed about 262 lbs. When I got married in 1967, I weighed about 197. That would be a good goal, I think. My brother lost a bunch of weight using the South Beach Diet, so I investigated and thought it sounded doable. Not just for the losing of weight, but as a remainder-of-the-lifetime diet.

I checked out the SBD website, bought the book, bought the cookbook, and by May 5th, 2005, I was down to 215. We then took a motorhome trip to Alaska, and while I ate well on the trip, for some reason I started to slip back into old habits- pizza, burgers, fries, even desserts (which I really don't like too much anyway). So all the bread and potatoes and sugar piled up and now I way 221 (after the strict two week getting-rid-of-cravings period) and one week of Phase 2 including fruits and whole grain breads.

I continue to take Bubba for a brisk twenty minute walk daily plus 18 holes of golf (riding in a cart) about 3 or 4 times a week. S's daughter, A (a pharmaceutical rep), gave me a pedometer to keep up with my number of steps during the day. A says 10,000 steps is a good day of walking. Just playing golf (even riding) gets over 8,000 steps. So that part seems OK.

My sweety tempts me to go towards sweets, and when I do eat them, I think it is more to be polite than craving sugar. I will have to be not so polite.

I went to a cooking class Saturday where we learned recipes from P F Chang. The instructor was a former chef in the Dallas restaurant. Not a great teacher, but a good time was had by all. I was stuffed by the time we ate all of the food we cooked in class. We had Lettuce Wraps, Orange Chicken, Mongolian Beef, and Chicken Fried Rice. It was delicious, and very spicey. I wish I had not eaten so much white rice, but I did. As H says, shut up.

Yesterday, we went to Oxford Street for S's birthday. I had steak, grilled veggies, and lots of salad from the salad bar. Very tasty. Also traded a piece of steak for a piece of sweety's stuffed flounder. Not as good as the Tilapia Vera Cruz I had last time. Had a small piece of birthday cake (still slightly frozen). Definitely not worth the carbs. But I didn't eat the whole thing and made an interesting sculpture from the cake and three skewers left over from the grilled veggies. Looked like an alien invader thingy from War of the Worlds.

Had South Beach Diet cereal for breakfast, celery stuffed with Laughing Cow Light cheese for snack, and made some Country Cabbage Soup for lunch. Supper will be grilled sirloin steak with baked sweet potato and salad. Yum.

Fun! Wifey. LOL

I'm also learning to not be so polite. Weekend breakfasts are the hardest. I don't want to cook, but everything you can pick up is extremely naughty. There are no breakfast salads.

Will you pretty please share the Monoglian Beef recipe? I have a hubby that would make ever so happy...
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