Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Breakfast of Champions

After Bubba and I took our walk this morning, had a great day at the golf course. Don showed up with a partially eaten box of South Beach Diet cereal which he didn't like. (He is borderline diabetic and switched to SBD for weight and blood sugar control.) Don said either Eddie or I could have it. Since we both do SBD, we dedided to play golf for it, winner take all (that was left in the box). Eddie is a 17 handicapper and I am a 13, so I gave Eddie 4 strokes. By the end of the front nine, I had made up the four strokes and was up by four more. This was more than Eddie could take, so he went to the driving range to practice and I won by forfeit. Woohoo! Shot a score of 86 and won a box of cereal!

Had 2 homemade breakfast tacos (using whole wheat tortillas) with turkey bacon and milk for breakfast. Had an apple, two turkey roll-ups, a half bag of popcorn and a diet A&W rootbeer on the course for lunch. Had a grapefruit for snack. Supper will be grilled chicken, mock mashed potatoes, some kind of green vegtable, and a salad.

Must check the SBD website for future meals as we are running low on food.

I absolutely love that you played golf for a box of cereal!
These retired guys... It's like being 9 years old again, except requires more Advil.

Congrats on the big win! Good score, too!
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